Below you can find logos, similar to the royal wear 1.

Port-Royal Port-Royal vector
Finnwear Finnwear vector
Reading Royals 29 Reading Royals 29 vector
Royal Park Royal Park vector
Famous Footwear Famous Footwear vector
Kansas City Royals 63 Kansas City Royals 63 vector
Got Balls Racewear Got Balls Racewear vector
Royal Oak Royal Oak vector
Revlon StreetWear Revlon StreetWear  vector
Uniroyal 79 Uniroyal 79 vector
Uniroyal 82 Uniroyal 82 vector
Royal Cosun Royal Cosun vector
Roberto Cavalli timewear Roberto Cavalli timewear vector
ROYAL 1 ROYAL 1 vector
StreetWear StreetWear vector