Below you can find logos, similar to the netc.

Netcentives 110 Netcentives 110 vector
AMP NetConnect 140 AMP NetConnect 140 vector
GN Netcom GN Netcom vector
Netcentives Netcentives vector
AMP NetConnect AMP NetConnect vector
Donetcky Pivzavod Donetcky Pivzavod vector
Netcom Canada Netcom Canada vector
Rhythms NetConnections Rhythms NetConnections vector
Netcom 112 Netcom 112 vector
NetCommerce NetCommerce vector
Netcom 111 Netcom 111 vector
Netcom Netcom vector
Jann's Netcraft Jann's Netcraft vector
Metallurg Novokuznetck Metallurg Novokuznetck vector
Netcast Netcast vector