Below you can find logos, similar to the York Central Hospital 31.

Fire Department City of New York Fire Department City of New York vector
Centralsug Centralsug vector
York Central Hospital York Central Hospital vector
CoPathPlus 312 CoPathPlus 312 vector
Yorkshire Television Yorkshire Television vector
Carvel 318 Carvel 318 vector
Central Moscow Depositary Central Moscow Depositary vector
New York Mets 208 New York Mets 208 vector
Fairchild's Executive Technology 31 Fairchild's Executive Technology 31 vector
Edward Jones 131 Edward Jones 131 vector
York 29 York 29 vector
Pittsburgh Penguins 131 Pittsburgh Penguins 131 vector
NDP 31 NDP 31 vector
Mevlana Culture Central Mevlana Culture Central vector
New York Islanders 194 New York Islanders 194 vector