Below you can find logos, similar to the Yale Bulldogs.

Yale Bulldogs 6 Yale Bulldogs 6 vector
YALE YALE vector
Georgia Bulldogs 180 Georgia Bulldogs 180 vector
Yale Yale vector
Georgia Bulldogs Georgia Bulldogs vector
Mitsubishi Electric Bulldogs Mitsubishi Electric Bulldogs vector
Yale Bulldogs 7 Yale Bulldogs 7 vector
Quebec Bulldogs Quebec Bulldogs vector
Northeast Missouri State Bulldogs Northeast Missouri State Bulldogs vector
Royale Belge Royale Belge vector
Union Royale Namur Union Royale Namur vector
Mississippi State Bulldogs 296 Mississippi State Bulldogs 296 vector
Pizza Royale Pizza Royale vector
Georgia Bulldogs 178 Georgia Bulldogs 178 vector
Georgia Bulldogs 179 Georgia Bulldogs 179 vector