Below you can find logos, similar to the Usen.

iwc schaffhausen 1 iwc schaffhausen 1 vector
Bayer Leverkusen Bayer Leverkusen vector
Stadthalle Gunzenhausen Stadthalle Gunzenhausen vector
IWC Schaffhausen IWC Schaffhausen vector
Compusense Compusense vector
Waldbad Gunzenhausen Waldbad Gunzenhausen vector
Stockhausen Stockhausen vector
Landesgartenschau Nordhausen Landesgartenschau Nordhausen vector
Compusense five Compusense five vector
Olhausen Olhausen vector
Van Heusen Van Heusen vector
Van Heusen 38 Van Heusen 38 vector
Usenix Usenix vector
Oberhausen Oberhausen vector