Below you can find logos, similar to the Tasse HS.

Sachs 30 Sachs 30 vector
IFHS IFHS vector
john smiths 1 john smiths 1 vector
Fuchs 233 Fuchs 233 vector
CHS CHS vector
VHS Kutna Hora VHS Kutna Hora vector
MontazhSpetsBank MontazhSpetsBank vector
Smiths Heimann 124 Smiths Heimann 124 vector
IHS Engineering IHS Engineering vector
HSE 149 HSE 149 vector
Smithsonian Smithsonian vector
Archstone-Smith Archstone-Smith vector
HSLS HSLS vector
HSBC 147 HSBC 147 vector
MBA HSE 9 MBA HSE 9 vector