Below you can find logos, similar to the Rosi.

Electrosila 43 Electrosila 43 vector
Ambrosia Ambrosia vector
Rosinkass Rosinkass vector
Elektrosistema 48 Elektrosistema 48 vector
Elektrosistema Elektrosistema vector
ProSieben 7 ProSieben 7 vector
Prosimmon Golf Prosimmon Golf vector
Arvin Rosi Arvin Rosi vector
Prosimmon Prosimmon vector
Prosimmon 140 Prosimmon 140 vector
prosimmon 1 prosimmon 1 vector
Aerospace Corrosion Control Aerospace Corrosion Control vector
ElectroSignal ElectroSignal vector
d'Ambrosio d'Ambrosio vector
Vivi Vallecrosia Vivi Vallecrosia vector