Below you can find logos, similar to the Rema Bensin.

Remat Remat vector
REMAX 2 REMAX 2 vector
Rema 1000 Rema 1000 vector
Remax Remax vector
REMAX 5 REMAX 5 vector
Aarhus Fremad Aarhus Fremad vector
FutureMark FutureMark vector
Sarema Sarema vector
Rema Rema vector
Theorema da Moda Theorema da Moda vector
Theorema da Moda 162 Theorema da Moda 162 vector
Rema Tip Top Rema Tip Top vector
Dr Disc Remastered Dr  Disc Remastered vector
FutureMark 288 FutureMark 288 vector