Below you can find logos, similar to the Rau.

Rau Agrotechnic Rau Agrotechnic vector
Caraus 1 Caraus 1 vector
Kanterbrau 67 Kanterbrau 67 vector
Herault Departement Conseil General Herault Departement Conseil General vector
Meister Brau Meister Brau  vector
Caraus 2 Caraus 2 vector
Braugold Braugold vector
braun 1 braun 1 vector
Rein Rauf Runter Raus Rein Rauf Runter Raus vector
Giraudy 35 Giraudy 35 vector
Guiness Draught Guiness Draught vector
Grau Grau vector
K-Rauta K-Rauta vector
Erich Krause 14 Erich Krause 14 vector