Below you can find logos, similar to the PT Marconi 32.

Southern League 132 Southern League 132 vector
Comptoir Comptoir vector
BMI 320 BMI 320 vector
INDO optica INDO optica vector
Optime Optime  vector
AMD Opteron 37 AMD Opteron 37 vector
Adaptaflex 892 Adaptaflex 892 vector
Optima 32 Optima 32 vector
WQPT WQPT vector
Optel 27 Optel 27 vector
Chips Ahoy 326 Chips Ahoy 326 vector
Mazda 320 Mazda 320 vector
CPTV CPTV vector
Opticans Association Of America Opticans Association Of America vector
Comptek Comptek vector