Below you can find logos, similar to the Opel Motorsport.

Pelikan Motorsport Pelikan Motorsport vector
Opel 10 Opel 10 vector
OPEL autom 1 OPEL autom 1 vector
Grassroots Motorsports Grassroots Motorsports vector
KSpeed motorsport KSpeed motorsport vector
Hendrick Motorsports, Inc Hendrick Motorsports, Inc  vector
opel4 1 opel4 1 vector
Opel 4 Opel 4 vector
Kings Motorsports Kings Motorsports vector
Opel Credit Opel Credit vector
Opel 9 Opel 9 vector
opel 1 opel 1 vector
Hendrick Motorsports Hendrick Motorsports vector
Propel Fitness Water Propel Fitness Water vector
Propellerhead Software Propellerhead Software vector