Below you can find logos, similar to the Oklahoma Wranglers.

Bank of Oklahoma Bank of Oklahoma vector
Oklahoma City Blazers Oklahoma City Blazers vector
Oklahoma City University Oklahoma City University vector
Wichita Wranglers Wichita Wranglers vector
Oklahoma Wranglers 120 Oklahoma Wranglers 120 vector
Oklahoma City University 115 Oklahoma City University 115 vector
Spirit of Oklahoma 6 Spirit of Oklahoma 6 vector
Oklahoma Natural Gas Oklahoma Natural Gas vector
Oklahoma Natural Energy Services Oklahoma Natural Energy Services vector
Oklahoma Sooners 118 Oklahoma Sooners 118 vector
Wichita Wranglers 6 Wichita Wranglers 6 vector
Las Vegas Wranglers Las Vegas Wranglers vector
Oklahoma RedHawks 117 Oklahoma RedHawks 117 vector
Oklahoma RedHawks 116 Oklahoma RedHawks 116 vector
Wichita Wranglers 5 Wichita Wranglers 5 vector