Below you can find logos, similar to the OCR.

Union Democrata Independiente Union Democrata Independiente vector
Partido Social Democrata Partido Social Democrata vector
LithoCraft Color Services LithoCraft Color Services vector
ocr 1 ocr 1 vector
Zentrocredit bank Zentrocredit bank  vector
National Stonewall Democrats National Stonewall Democrats vector
Welsh Liberal Democrats Welsh Liberal Democrats vector
Aristocrat 392 Aristocrat 392 vector
Australian Democrats Australian Democrats vector
Aristocrat Aristocrat vector
Democrat Democrat vector
Vlinder Vang Club Socrates Vlinder Vang Club Socrates vector
Socialisti Democratici Italiani Socialisti Democratici Italiani vector
eSocrates eSocrates vector
Democratici di Sinistra Democratici di Sinistra vector