Below you can find logos, similar to the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant.

Planters LifeSaver Company Planters LifeSaver Company vector
Novosibirsk Vneshtorgbank Novosibirsk Vneshtorgbank vector
Novosibirsk Novosibirsk vector
PlantAmerica PlantAmerica vector
Mioplant Natura Mioplant Natura vector
Royal Plantation Royal Plantation vector
Herson Ship Plant Herson Ship Plant vector
Plantek Plantek vector
Planta 164 Planta 164 vector
Arzamas Felt Plant Arzamas Felt Plant vector
Sonae Enplanta 59 Sonae Enplanta 59 vector
Balakhna Furniture Plant Balakhna Furniture Plant vector
RosGosStrah Novosibirsk RosGosStrah Novosibirsk vector
Outside Plant Outside Plant vector
VisualPlant VisualPlant vector