Perhaps you are interested in the following logos.

CBS SportsLine CBS SportsLine  vector
Cadbury Schweppes Cadbury Schweppes  vector
Kenco Kenco  vector
ACR Systems ACR Systems vector
AGRISart 37 AGRISart 37 vector
Adama City FC de Nazareth Adama City FC de Nazareth vector
Aeroklub Ajdovscina Aeroklub Ajdovscina vector
Akuza Akuza vector
Aldaris 203 Aldaris 203 vector
American University of Beirut American University of Beirut vector
Aray Aray vector
Ardes Mechi Ardes Mechi vector
Arwex Arwex vector
Attitash Bear Peak Attitash Bear Peak vector