Below you can find logos, similar to the NSF.

TransForce TransForce vector
Transfusion Sanguine Francaise Transfusion Sanguine Francaise vector
Mansfield Mansfield vector
Innovationsforum Innovationsforum vector
NSF 149 NSF 149 vector
Fast Search & Transfer Fast Search & Transfer vector
NSF NSF vector
Wiener Integrationsfonds Wiener Integrationsfonds vector
BNSF 331 BNSF 331 vector
NSF 150 NSF 150 vector
NOC NSF 8 NOC   NSF 8 vector
Transformers - Decepticon Transformers - Decepticon vector
Transformers - Autobot Transformers - Autobot vector
Transfotec International Transfotec International vector
NSF 151 NSF 151 vector