Below you can find logos, similar to the Mobil 21.

Faber Mobili Gruppo Faber Mobili Gruppo vector
Big Rock 215 Big Rock 215 vector
Universal 121 Universal 121 vector
Batman 217 Batman 217 vector
Tacony 21 Tacony 21 vector
Texas Rangers 211 Texas Rangers 211 vector
NXN Software 213 NXN Software 213 vector
Sara Lee 214 Sara Lee 214 vector
21VC Partners 21VC Partners vector
A-1 Mobil Welding, Inc 92 A-1 Mobil Welding, Inc  92 vector
Anixter 213 Anixter 213 vector
AOL Mobile Communicator AOL Mobile Communicator vector
Mobile TeleCom Mobile TeleCom vector
Swisscom Mobile Swisscom Mobile vector
Liverpool FC 121 Liverpool FC 121 vector