Below you can find logos, similar to the Michigan Wolverines.

Michigan Battle Cats 52 Michigan Battle Cats 52 vector
Michigan Wolverines 57 Michigan Wolverines 57 vector
West Michigan Whitecaps 63 West Michigan Whitecaps 63 vector
Michigan Engineering 53 Michigan Engineering 53 vector
West Michigan Whitecaps West Michigan Whitecaps vector
Michigan Battle Cats Michigan Battle Cats vector
Michigan Wolverines 60 Michigan Wolverines 60 vector
Northern Michigan University Northern Michigan University vector
Michigan Wheel Corporation 56 Michigan Wheel Corporation 56 vector
University of Michigan University of Michigan vector
West Michigan Whitecaps 64 West Michigan Whitecaps 64 vector
Michigan Speedway Michigan Speedway vector
Michigan Wolverines 61 Michigan Wolverines 61 vector
Warner Bros Michigan J Frog Warner Bros Michigan J Frog vector
Southwest Michigan First Southwest Michigan First vector