Below you can find logos, similar to the Malm.

Malmo Art Academy Malmo Art Academy vector
Malmo Malmo vector
Malmo Hogskola Malmo Hogskola vector
Malmberg Malmberg vector
Teaterhogskolan I Malmo Teaterhogskolan I Malmo vector
Malmo Academy of Music Malmo Academy of Music vector
Malmo Aviation Malmo Aviation vector
Malmo City Malmo City vector
Malmo Theatre Academy Malmo Theatre Academy vector
Malma Malma vector
Malmo Sweden Malmo Sweden vector
Konsthogskolan I Malmo Konsthogskolan I Malmo vector
Musikhogskolan I Malmo Musikhogskolan I Malmo vector
Ville Rueil Malmaison Ville Rueil Malmaison vector