Below you can find logos, similar to the MBL.

Ensemble Communications Ensemble Communications vector
Design Assembly Design Assembly vector
Rambler Rambler vector
Wembley Stadium 47 Wembley Stadium 47 vector
Odessos Folk Ensemble Odessos Folk Ensemble vector
Amblin Entertainment Amblin Entertainment  vector
Utica Assembly Systems Utica Assembly Systems vector
Wembley Stadium 45 Wembley Stadium 45 vector
Emblem Emblem vector
Brambles Brambles vector
Procter & Gamble 101 Procter & Gamble 101 vector
Assemblee Nationale Assemblee Nationale  vector
Porsche Parade Mont-Tremblant 1999 Porsche Parade Mont-Tremblant 1999 vector
Kambly Kambly vector
Assemblee Nationale Quebec Assemblee Nationale Quebec vector