Below you can find logos, similar to the MARY KAY .

Kaybee Toys Kaybee Toys vector
Nizhegorodskaya Radiolab Nizhegorodskaya Radiolab vector
Kirovogradskaya metallurgicheskaya company Kirovogradskaya metallurgicheskaya company vector
Teekay Shipping Teekay Shipping vector
Mary Poppins Mary Poppins vector
Keren Kayemeth Le Israel Keren Kayemeth Le Israel vector
Slavyanskaya Vodka Slavyanskaya Vodka vector
Nizhegorodskaya Tamozhnya Nizhegorodskaya Tamozhnya vector
Nizhegorodskaya Karamel Nizhegorodskaya Karamel vector
Nizhegorodskaya Gildiya Rielterov 120 Nizhegorodskaya Gildiya Rielterov 120 vector
Primary Insurance Primary Insurance vector
Mary Kay Cosmetics Mary Kay Cosmetics vector
Slavyanskaya Sloboda Slavyanskaya Sloboda vector
Sormovskaya Sormovskaya vector
Uralskaya Lesopromyshlennaya Company Uralskaya Lesopromyshlennaya Company vector