Below you can find logos, similar to the Los Angeles Xtreme 70.

Rail Box 70 Rail Box 70 vector
Global National 70 Global National 70 vector
Glos Wielkopolski Glos Wielkopolski vector
Club Deportivo Los Olivos de General Guemes Club Deportivo Los Olivos de General Guemes vector
Abruzzo B&B 370 Abruzzo B&B 370 vector
Minor League Baseball 270 Minor League Baseball 270 vector
Klosters Klosters vector
Clearnet 170 Clearnet 170 vector
Decleor 170 Decleor 170 vector
Chartoupallos Chartoupallos vector
Zwan 70 Zwan 70 vector
Gillette Satinfloss Gillette Satinfloss vector
Damon's 70 Damon's 70 vector
University of Helsinki 170 University of Helsinki 170 vector
Trio 70 Trio 70 vector