Below you can find logos, similar to the LC.

Travelcare Direct Travelcare Direct vector
Calgiari Calcio Calgiari Calcio vector
CLC CLC vector
Falcom Falcom vector
Kolcovo Kolcovo vector
Totalcare Totalcare vector
CallCenter 90 CallCenter 90 vector
Lynchburg Hillcats 208 Lynchburg Hillcats 208 vector
Selcuklu Belediyesi Selcuklu Belediyesi vector
ALCA 189 ALCA 189 vector
Delco Remy 196 Delco Remy 196 vector
LCD LCD vector
Calcio Napoli Calcio Napoli vector
Essent Kabelcom Essent Kabelcom vector
Cargill Dow LLC Cargill Dow LLC vector