Below you can find logos, similar to the KPN Telecom 76.

UES of Russia 76 UES of Russia 76 vector
Apollo 276 Apollo 276 vector
American Legion 76 American Legion 76 vector
Portugal Telecom 123 Portugal Telecom 123 vector
Compaq 176 Compaq 176 vector
Mobile TeleCom Mobile TeleCom vector
Tomsktelecom Tomsktelecom vector
Penn State University 76 Penn State University 76 vector
Cyrus 176 Cyrus 176 vector
Singapore Technologies 176 Singapore Technologies 176 vector
Tesouro Nacional 176 Tesouro Nacional 176 vector
Adobe Image Library(1076) Adobe Image Library(1076) vector
Golden Telecom GSM Golden Telecom GSM vector
Swisscom Mobile 176 Swisscom Mobile 176 vector