Perhaps you are interested in the following logos.

BAUSCH & LOMB optica BAUSCH & LOMB optica vector
BRIDGESTONE neumat BRIDGESTONE neumat vector
QUANTASlin aer QUANTASlin aer vector
Transaero Transaero  vector
VIST VIST  vector
36 com 36 com vector
3B soft 3B soft vector
3b-Elektron 3b-Elektron vector
3ivx 3ivx vector
AEGON 2 AEGON 2 vector
ALG ALG vector
Accounting Centre Of China Aviation Accounting Centre Of China Aviation vector
Accton 556 Accton 556 vector
Ace Detersivo Ace Detersivo vector
Adobe Acrobat Player Adobe Acrobat Player vector