Below you can find logos, similar to the Izh.

Europa Plus Nizhny Novgorod Europa Plus Nizhny Novgorod vector
Nizhegorodskaya Radiolab Nizhegorodskaya Radiolab vector
Galereya Nedvizhimosti Galereya Nedvizhimosti vector
Nizhegorodsky Dohodny Dom Nizhegorodsky Dohodny Dom vector
IzhAuto 197 IzhAuto 197 vector
Nizhegorodstroy Nizhegorodstroy vector
Nedvizhimost-NN Nedvizhimost-NN vector
Nizhegorodec 116 Nizhegorodec 116 vector
NizhTopEnergoSnab NizhTopEnergoSnab vector
Nizhegorodec Nizhegorodec vector
NizherorodPtitca NN NizherorodPtitca NN vector
Nizhegorodskaya Tamozhnya Nizhegorodskaya Tamozhnya vector
Nizhegorodskie Promysly Nizhegorodskie Promysly vector
Nizhegorodskaya Karamel Nizhegorodskaya Karamel vector
Nizhegorodskaya Gildiya Rielterov 120 Nizhegorodskaya Gildiya Rielterov 120 vector