Below you can find logos, similar to the Iowa Cubs.

Iowa IT Symposium Iowa IT Symposium vector
Daytona Cubs 124 Daytona Cubs 124 vector
Iowa Select Farms Iowa Select Farms vector
Chicago Cubs 303 Chicago Cubs 303 vector
Chicago Cubs 302 Chicago Cubs 302 vector
Daytona Cubs 125 Daytona Cubs 125 vector
daytona cubs 1 daytona cubs 1 vector
Iowa State Cyclones 20 Iowa State Cyclones 20 vector
Iowa Star Schools Iowa Star Schools vector
Iowa Cubs 18 Iowa Cubs 18 vector
Iowa Cubs 19 Iowa Cubs 19 vector
Iowa Telecommunications Association Iowa Telecommunications Association vector
Iowa Distance Learning Database Iowa Distance Learning Database vector
Iowa Hawkeyes Iowa Hawkeyes vector
Iowa Barnstormers Iowa Barnstormers vector