Below you can find logos, similar to the Imaging Automation.

Panasonic Office Automation Panasonic Office Automation vector
Eurogam Automation Division Eurogam Automation Division vector
Matrox Imaging Matrox Imaging vector
Global Automation Global Automation vector
Eurogam Automation Division 125 Eurogam Automation Division 125 vector
Imaging the Future Imaging the Future vector
Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation vector
Rockwell Automation 2 Rockwell Automation 2 vector
PRI Automation PRI Automation vector
dakota imaging dakota imaging vector
Electronics For Imaging 39 Electronics For Imaging 39 vector
Panasonic Document Imaging Company Panasonic Document Imaging Company vector
Rockwell Automation 31 Rockwell Automation 31 vector
Seculux Automation Systems Seculux Automation Systems vector