Below you can find logos, similar to the INE.

Putoline Lubricants Putoline Lubricants vector
Luber-Finer Luber-Finer vector
Transavia Airlines 29 Transavia Airlines 29 vector
Quebec Gatineau Railway Quebec Gatineau Railway vector
Continental Beverages Continental Beverages  vector
Dainese 30 Dainese 30 vector
Winetasting com 57 Winetasting com 57 vector
Pipeline Commercial Pipeline Commercial vector
New Line New Line vector
Hoyts General Cinema Hoyts General Cinema vector
Moulin des Moines Moulin des Moines vector
Continent 272 Continent 272 vector
Robert H Smith School of Business 7 Robert H  Smith School of Business 7 vector
Swingline Swingline vector