Below you can find logos, similar to the IFT.

MightyLift MightyLift vector
ThyssenKrupp Liften ThyssenKrupp Liften vector
Clearswift Clearswift vector
Shift-It Shift-It vector
Clearswift 172 Clearswift 172 vector
Shift 4 Shift 4 vector
Fifth Level Project Fifth Level Project vector
shift e-zine shift e-zine vector
Filmstiftung NRW 57 Filmstiftung NRW 57 vector
Clearswift 178 Clearswift 178 vector
Gift Line Gift Line vector
LiftAll LiftAll vector
Thrifty Car Rental 195 Thrifty Car Rental 195 vector
The Shift The Shift vector
Lift Plus Lift Plus vector