Below you can find logos, similar to the ICU.

Connecticut Coyotes Connecticut Coyotes vector
Hachette Fascicules Hachette Fascicules vector
UNICUM 58 UNICUM 58 vector
Connecticut Huskies 243 Connecticut Huskies 243 vector
Connecticut Community Colleges Connecticut Community Colleges vector
Syndicut Communications Ltd Syndicut Communications Ltd vector
Connecticut Huskies 241 Connecticut Huskies 241 vector
Allsecures Assicurazioni Allsecures Assicurazioni vector
Queensland School Curriculum Council Queensland School Curriculum Council vector
Massalin Particulares Massalin Particulares vector
University of Connecticut University of Connecticut vector
Connecticut Huskies 242 Connecticut Huskies 242 vector
Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences vector
Licuore Licuore vector
ICU 63 ICU 63 vector