Below you can find logos, similar to the HK.

NMZhK NMZhK vector
SmithKline Beecham 121 SmithKline Beecham 121 vector
hks evolution 1 hks evolution 1 vector
Bochkarev 12 Bochkarev 12 vector
Chudo-Pechkin 346 Chudo-Pechkin 346 vector
Vneshkonsult Vneshkonsult vector
Yuri Gapochka Yuri Gapochka vector
GlaxoSmithKline GlaxoSmithKline vector
Chkalovets Chkalovets vector
Bsk Bershka Bsk Bershka vector
Chudo-Pechkin 344 Chudo-Pechkin 344 vector
SHK Hamburg SHK Hamburg vector
Vllaznia Shkodar Vllaznia Shkodar vector
SmithKline Beecham SmithKline Beecham vector
Shkumbini Peqini Shkumbini Peqini vector