Below you can find logos, similar to the Greenteam Informatica.

Informatica 2000 Informatica 2000 vector
ATARIinformatica ATARIinformatica vector
ACBD informatica ACBD informatica vector
Informatica 52 Informatica 52 vector
JR Informatica 81 JR Informatica 81 vector
TAS Informatica TAS Informatica vector
GISPERT informatica GISPERT informatica vector
Greenteam Informatica 65 Greenteam Informatica 65 vector
MB Informatica MB Informatica vector
Protec informatica Protec informatica vector
Fontys Hogeschool Informatica Fontys Hogeschool Informatica vector
Totobit Informatica Totobit Informatica vector
Sintronic-informatica Sintronic-informatica vector
Informatica Informatica vector
Petro Store Informatica Petro Store Informatica vector