Below you can find logos, similar to the GAF .

GAF Materials Corporation GAF Materials Corporation vector
Megafestatie 2002 Megafestatie 2002 vector
MegaFon MegaFon vector
Segafredo Zanetti Segafredo Zanetti vector
megafon1 megafon1 vector
GAF Filter Systems GAF Filter Systems vector
gaffel koelsch1 1 gaffel koelsch1 1 vector
Segafredo Zanetti 163 Segafredo Zanetti 163 vector
Megafon 117 Megafon 117 vector
Gafanhoto Limitada Gafanhoto Limitada vector
sunplanet gafas sol sunplanet gafas sol vector
GAF GAF vector
MegaFusion MegaFusion vector
gaffel koelsch 1 gaffel koelsch 1 vector
MegaFon 116 MegaFon 116 vector