Below you can find logos, similar to the Foo Fighters 28.

Apple 285 Apple 285 vector
Iams Pet Foods 3 Iams Pet Foods 3 vector
Singapore Food Industries Singapore Food Industries vector
Appalachian League 280 Appalachian League 280 vector
Kids Foot Locker Kids Foot Locker vector
Dairy World Foods Dairy World Foods vector
Pak'n Save Foods Pak'n Save Foods vector
Maxi 288 Maxi 288 vector
Carolina Hurricanes 282 Carolina Hurricanes 282 vector
The Schwan Food Company 2 The Schwan Food Company 2 vector
Universidad de Alicante 128 Universidad de Alicante 128 vector
SMM 128 SMM 128 vector
Northern Foods Northern Foods vector
TopMan 128 TopMan 128 vector