Below you can find logos, similar to the FI Group.

Luber-Finer Luber-Finer vector
Fire Department City of New York Fire Department City of New York vector
Facts On File Facts On File vector
Pacific Mercantile Bank Pacific Mercantile Bank vector
The Economic Planning Group The Economic Planning Group vector
NFI Industries NFI Industries vector
Financiere Sun Life Financiere Sun Life vector
Panasonic Office Automation Panasonic Office Automation vector
MD&Profy Graficki Centar MD&Profy Graficki Centar vector
Lino de Filippis Lino de Filippis vector
Defi 175 Defi 175 vector
WM Grafik WM Grafik vector
Intergrafica Intergrafica vector
Profit Profit vector
Sport Fish Restoration Sport Fish Restoration vector