Below you can find logos, similar to the EF 135.

beef 01 1 beef 01 1 vector
Wyclef Jean Wyclef Jean vector
EFL EFL vector
deformat1 deformat1 vector
Defi 175 Defi 175 vector
Telefonica Data 83 Telefonica Data 83 vector
Telefonica MoviStar Telefonica MoviStar vector
STAT!Ref STAT!Ref vector
UEFA Euro 2004 Portugal 62 UEFA Euro 2004 Portugal 62 vector
Anything Left Handed Anything Left Handed vector
bluefusion bluefusion vector
Efacec Grupo Efacec Grupo vector
Netwatch nnov ru 135 Netwatch nnov ru 135 vector
Civitan International 135 Civitan International 135 vector
Twin Chef Twin Chef vector