Below you can find logos, similar to the Daewoo CEM .

Federal Law Enforcement Federal Law Enforcement vector
Daewoo Electronics Daewoo Electronics vector
valenciana de cementos valenciana de cementos vector
Santiago Do Cacem Santiago Do Cacem vector
CEM 110 CEM 110 vector
Daewoo multiflow Daewoo multiflow  vector
Cementa Cementa vector
CEMS CEMS vector
daewoo gm daewoo gm vector
mikacement1 1 mikacement1 1 vector
DAEWOO(automov) DAEWOO(automov) vector
Daewoo logo RUS2 Daewoo logo RUS2 vector
Daewoo Unitel Daewoo Unitel vector
VoiceMarkupKit VoiceMarkupKit vector