Below you can find logos, similar to the Chips Ahoy 326.

Chips Ahoy 1 Chips Ahoy 1 vector
Ahoy Rotterdam Ahoy Rotterdam vector
Smiths Chips Smiths Chips vector
Bud Light 326 Bud Light 326 vector
Kettle Chips Kettle Chips vector
Anchor Chips Anchor Chips vector
Adazu Chipsi Adazu Chipsi  vector
Lays Chips Lays Chips vector
Smiths Chips 123 Smiths Chips 123 vector
Aradigm 326 Aradigm 326 vector
AutoBank 326 AutoBank 326 vector
Altesse 326 Altesse 326 vector
Chips Ahoy Chips Ahoy vector
BNA 326 BNA 326 vector