Below you can find logos, similar to the Bell Intrigna.

Bella 77 Bella 77 vector
Bellinzona Bellinzona vector
Blue Bell Ice Cream Blue Bell Ice Cream vector
Campbells 3 Campbells 3 vector
La Bella Napole La Bella Napole vector
Taco Bell Taco Bell  vector
Bell Atlantic Bell Atlantic vector
arabella sheraton 1 arabella sheraton 1 vector
Campbells 4 Campbells 4 vector
Bell & Howell 66 Bell & Howell 66 vector
Bell Atlantic 74 Bell Atlantic 74 vector
Maybelline 308 Maybelline 308 vector
Rosy Belle Epoque Rosy Belle Epoque vector
Bellewaerde Park 81 Bellewaerde Park 81 vector