Below you can find logos, similar to the BRE.

Breslers Breslers vector
Bacardi Breezer 19 Bacardi Breezer 19 vector
Subbuteo Club Ternois Sambreville Subbuteo Club Ternois Sambreville vector
Crystal Fibre Crystal Fibre vector
Milwaukee Brewers 222 Milwaukee Brewers 222 vector
Studenten Breda Studenten Breda vector
Bremer SV Bremer SV vector
Sabrett 3 Sabrett 3 vector
Cia das Sobremesas Cia das Sobremesas vector
Frogsbreath Frogsbreath vector
Brains Brewery Brains Brewery vector
Breyers 205 Breyers 205 vector
Libreria Diagonal Libreria Diagonal vector
Brelett Brelett vector