Below you can find logos, similar to the Approved Aircraft Accessories.

Aircraft Mechanics FA Aircraft Mechanics FA vector
Subaru Parts and Accessories Subaru Parts and Accessories vector
Robotic Accessories Robotic Accessories vector
The New Piper Aircraft The New Piper Aircraft vector
Wolf Aircraft 1 Wing Wolf Aircraft 1 Wing vector
Michelin Aircraft Tire Michelin Aircraft Tire vector
Dupont Approved Dupont Approved vector
UFI Approved Event 80 UFI Approved Event 80 vector
Israel Aircraft Unit 119 Israel Aircraft Unit 119 vector
UFI Approved Event 81 UFI Approved Event 81 vector
Pliatus Aircraft Pliatus Aircraft vector
Israel Aircraft Unit Israel Aircraft Unit vector
Israel Aircraft Unit 122 Israel Aircraft Unit 122 vector
UFI Approved Event UFI Approved Event vector
FM Approved FM Approved vector