Below you can find logos, similar to the AST.

LabelMaster LabelMaster vector
Caesars Pasta Caesars Pasta vector
Winetasting com 57 Winetasting com 57 vector
Houston Astros 120 Houston Astros 120 vector
TMC East TMC East vector
United States Coast Guard United States Coast Guard vector
Pasta Salad Pasta Salad vector
Torqk Master Torqk Master vector
Byggmakker Storen Trelast Byggmakker Storen Trelast vector
Uganskfrakmaster Uganskfrakmaster vector
Coastal Voyages 7 Coastal Voyages 7 vector
adast 1 adast 1 vector
sainsburys taste 1 sainsburys taste 1 vector
East Coast East Coast vector