Below you can find logos, similar to the AOL Mobile Communicator.

Mobile TeleCom Mobile TeleCom vector
Swisscom Mobile Swisscom Mobile vector
siemens mobile 1 siemens mobile 1 vector
Swisscom Mobile 176 Swisscom Mobile 176 vector
T-Mobile 85 T-Mobile 85 vector
AOL Time Warner AOL Time Warner vector
Perpetuum Mobile Perpetuum Mobile vector
China Mobile 320 China Mobile 320 vector
Mobile Direct Mobile Direct vector
Mobile Computer Solutions Mobile Computer Solutions vector
Le Moniteur Automobile Le Moniteur Automobile vector
oldsmobile ciera 1 oldsmobile ciera 1 vector
Mobileffe Mobileffe vector
Le Musee de l'Automobile Le Musee de l'Automobile vector
honda automobiles 1 honda automobiles 1 vector