Below you can find logos, similar to the AOL.

AOL Mobile Communicator AOL Mobile Communicator vector
AOL Time Warner AOL Time Warner vector
AOL Asia AOL Asia vector
AOL High Speed Broadband AOL High Speed Broadband vector
AOL Instant Messenger AOL Instant Messenger vector
AOL Anywhere AOL Anywhere vector
AOL Music AOL Music vector
Giampaoli Giampaoli vector
AOL Instant Messenger 239 AOL Instant Messenger 239 vector
AOL AOL  vector
SanPaolo Invest SanPaolo Invest vector
Paola Paola vector
AOL UK AOL UK vector
SanPaolo Vita SanPaolo Vita vector
SanPaolo IMI Group 180 SanPaolo IMI Group 180 vector