Below you can find logos, similar to the ANP.

Banpol Banpol vector
Atlanpack 158 Atlanpack 158 vector
Sanpellegrino Sanpellegrino vector
CleanPort CleanPort vector
Sanpellegrino 183 Sanpellegrino 183 vector
Manpower Manpower  vector
Sanpellegrino 181 Sanpellegrino 181 vector
Anpe 218 Anpe 218 vector
Canplas Canplas vector
Stanpac Stanpac vector
SanPaolo Invest SanPaolo Invest vector
Anpe 217 Anpe 217 vector
Panpharma Panpharma vector
Sanpellegrino 182 Sanpellegrino 182 vector