Below you can find logos, similar to the AMD Athlon processor.

AMD Duron Processor 36 AMD Duron Processor 36 vector
AMD Opteron 37 AMD Opteron 37 vector
AC II Processor AC II Processor vector
AMD K6-2 Processor AMD K6-2 Processor vector
Dual Wave Processor Dual Wave Processor vector
AMD 32 AMD 32 vector
Inside Triathlon Inside Triathlon vector
AMD 30 AMD 30 vector
Pentium III Processor Pentium III Processor vector
AMD Athlon 64 Processor AMD Athlon 64 Processor vector
Internet Processor II Internet Processor II vector
AMD AMD vector
Camden Luton Camden Luton  vector
Intel xeon processor Intel xeon processor vector
AMD 31 AMD 31 vector