Below you can find logos, similar to the 5 0 Mustang.

Mustang 85 Mustang 85 vector
Mustang 90 Mustang 90 vector
Saleen Mustang Saleen Mustang vector
Mustang 86 Mustang 86 vector
Mustang GT Mustang GT vector
California Poly Mustangs California Poly Mustangs vector
mustang jeans1 mustang jeans1 vector
Mustang 88 Mustang 88 vector
Billings Mustangs Billings Mustangs vector
Mustang Jeans 92 Mustang Jeans 92 vector
Billings Mustangs 230 Billings Mustangs 230 vector
Mustang Boats Mustang Boats vector
Mustang Jeans Mustang Jeans vector
Mustang 87 Mustang 87 vector
Billings Mustangs 229 Billings Mustangs 229 vector