Below you can find logos, similar to the Wolfy 1 Wing.

Eurowings 159 Eurowings 159 vector
Swingline Swingline vector
White Sewing White Sewing vector
concept 2 rowing concept 2 rowing vector
Detroit Red Wings 296 Detroit Red Wings 296 vector
Wingate Inn Wingate Inn vector
Wings Wings vector
Hewing Pro Aqua Hewing Pro Aqua vector
Dale Earnhardt Wings Dale Earnhardt Wings vector
Stimorol CHEWING GUM Stimorol CHEWING GUM vector
WoodWing Software WoodWing Software vector
DANDY Chewing Gum DANDY Chewing Gum  vector
Detroit Red Wings 297 Detroit Red Wings 297 vector
Ewing Monroe Bemiss & Co Ewing Monroe Bemiss & Co  vector
Swingline 160 Swingline 160 vector