Below you can find logos, similar to the Windows 2000 Magazine LAB.

LabelMaster LabelMaster vector
Vigie Informatique 2000 Vigie Informatique 2000 vector
Action Labor Action Labor vector
Forest Laboratories 65 Forest Laboratories 65 vector
Labat Labat vector
Streaming Media Magazine Streaming Media Magazine vector
Nizhegorodskaya Radiolab Nizhegorodskaya Radiolab vector
multimedia 2000 multimedia 2000 vector
Comsat Laboratories Comsat Laboratories vector
Krakow 2000 Krakow 2000 vector
Colabor Colabor vector
Forest Laboratories 64 Forest Laboratories 64 vector
Yellow Label Tea Yellow Label Tea vector
Analabs Resources Analabs Resources vector
BTL magazine BTL magazine vector